What Is The Latitude And Longitude Of The Great Barrier Reef?

great barrier reef latitude and longitude

This is a pretty common question for school projects that we thought we would answer nice and quick to help out anyone looking because until now, there was no definitive answer on the internet.

In its entirety, going from north to south, The Great Barrier Reef starts at latitude 10°22’13.0″S, longitude 144°28’32.4″E and finishes at latitude 22°23’59.9″S, longitude 152°35’41.7″E.

The Great Barrier Reef is a chain of reef structures that spans 2300 km along the northeastern coast of Queensland, Australia. As such, it is impossible to pinpoint an exact latitude or longitude for The Great Barrier Reef as a whole. If you were asked the coordinates for a particular reef inside the system then that would be easier.

As you can see that’s quite a huge area that can’t be defined by a single Latitude and Longitude.

A few notable points of interest are;

Osprey Reef – 13°55’03.4″S 146°37’45.0″E

Agincourt Reef – 15°59’03.2″S 145°49’37.6″E

Lizard Island – 14°40’35.6″S 145°27’55.8″E

Michaelmas Cay – 16°35’20.3″S 146°01’07.3″E

Green Island – 16°45’43.6″S 145°58’26.6″E

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