What Is Cairns Like In May?

windin falls lookout

If you are planning a trip to Cairns in May, you will be happy to know that May is one of the best months to visit Cairns.

Cairns in May is beautiful! Cooler temperatures, lots of sunshine and it’s not stinger season anymore! 26 Degrees of bliss.

This means that Cairns truly is a tropical paradise in the month of May. During summer, Cairns is actually too hot for most tourists and during winter… it’s surprisingly cold. That’s not ideal when you plan to snorkel for a few hours.

May is perhaps the best compromise between the two.

The ocean is teeming with life as we approach whale season. Generally just before the whales arrive in late May to early June, we see an increase in activity from dolphins and manta rays!

On land, the bugs have pretty much disappeared after the rainy season and the temperatures remain at a constant 26 degrees during the day and a brisk 20 degrees at night.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to visiting Cairns in May is the lask of jellyfish. In the warmer months, it is highly discouraged to go swimming at any of the Cairns beaches. This is for good reason as there are some seriously nasty little creatures that will happily put you in hospital.

In May though, those creatures have mostly gone away, so swimming inside the stinger net ( Which is something we recommend all year round) is perfectly safe and enjoyable.

May also signals the start of the hiking season. Cairns locals will hike all year round, though if you are not used o the heat, then this is not recommended for you. Even most of the locals will avoid any hikes in the middle of summer.

Cairns has access to so many amazing waterfalls and hiking trails, so it would be a shame to visit and not experience some of them. If you are looking for something relatively easy and super close to Cairns City, then you can’t look past Glacier RockOpens in a new tab..

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