What Is Cairns Like In March?

crystal cascades

Located in Far North Queensland, Cairns is known for being hot, humid and beautiful year-round. This, however, is not always the case.

In March, Cairns experiences some of the best weather, with temperatures generally around 33 degrees in the day and 25 degrees at night. Rain is generally minimal as blue skies dominate.

March is what we refer to as the start to the end of the wet season, which generally runs over our summer. The wet season is a totally mixed bag of weather which can go from torrential sideways rain one day, to not a cloud in the sky the next. The only thing certain in the wet season is that it will be hot, over 35 degrees normally.

What to do in Cairns in March?

As the rain stops falling, the lush tropical areas around Cairns start to show their true beauty. The waterfalls are pumping and the flora is a vibrant green colour. This makes March one of the best times to go waterfall exploring, hiking and camping.

Additionally, there are no school holidays in March, so the local waterholes won’t be overrun by children.

The best waterfalls to visit in March

  1. Babinda BouldersOpens in a new tab.
  2. Behana Gorge
  3. Crystal CascadesOpens in a new tab.
  4. Josephine Falls

As previously mentioned, this is a quiet time, so you can easily take advantage of that and visit the beautiful waterfalls that are crowded over summer.

Babinda Boulders

Babinda Boulders is a short drive south from Cairns that is firmly planted in the rainforest. There are beautiful swimming areas and cool water that will help you chill out from those March temperatures.

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Behana Gorge

Pretty close to Babinda Boulders is Behana Gorge on the south side of Cairns. Behana is a sight to see that will not likely be forgotten. The smooth rocks and the sheer enormity of the place will leave you speechless.

Finding your own quiet place at Bahana Gorge is really easy due to the amount of river access points along the walk. The walk from the car park follows the river all the way to the top of the falls.

Crystal Cascades

Crystal Cascades is the closest waterfall to Cairns, which is located about 15 mins drive from the centre of town. Accessing this waterfall does not require any walking as the car park is right next to the falls and swimming hole.

This place can get jam-packed in summer, so take advantage of the quieter time in March and check it out.

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Josephine Falls

This is probably the most fun waterfall near Cairns because it has a slide! Not like a Mcdonald’s playground but a natural rock slide into the water. Josephine Falls is a must if you are visiting Cairns and have a sense of adventure.

So, Is March a good time to visit Cairns?

Cairns is a lovely place to visit in March. The weather is generally good and the crowds are few and far between. March is really your last opportunity to check out our waterfalls before the water gets too cold and eventually stops flowing as we progress into the dry season.

If you do manage to visit us in March, then we hope you enjoy it 🙂

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