What Is Cairns Like In April?

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Here in Cairns, April is just about my favourite time of the year. Rivalled only by September. April officially marks the end of the wet season and the weather starts to become cooler and less humid.

When I say cooler, I mean dropping to around 27 degrees during the day and around 23 degrees at night. Which for cairns locals, signals the time to start digging through the laundry for a jumper.

If you are a visitor then you certainly won’t need to bring a jumper with you, locals have just been through a few months of 40 degrees, which is why 27 seems cool to us.

Being that the temperature has resided, it makes April in Cairns perfect for laying around on the beach. Cairns itself does not exactly have a beach but there is plenty of beautiful beaches just a short drive north.

When it comes to rain in April, it’s anyone’s guess, to be honest. Statistically, according to the Bureau Of Meteorology, cairns gets rain on 45% of days in April. So if you are planning a day at the beach you will need to plan ahead.

April signals a change in the nocturnal habits of Cairns locals too. Over summer, most locals will stay home at night because it’s simply too hot to get dressed up and head out for a drink or dinner. The temperature in April allows ladies to apply mascara without immediately looking like they have been crying.

If you are heading to The Great Barrier Reef in April you can expect some pretty good condition. The sea temperature will still be sitting around 24 degrees, which is a perfect temperature when you are wearing a stinger suit.

Water clarity is generally pretty good too, with average visibility at the outer reef clocking in at a staggering 20 meters. In regards to wildlife on the reef, you may get lucky and catch some dolphins or even manta rays. As for humpback whales though, you may have to wait for another month to see that.

What is the best thing to do in Cairns in April?

Leave Cairns…… for a day trip or two that is. The Daintree Rainforest is spectacular in April because it’s all green and lush from the wet season, but without the bugs and humidity that come with the warm rain.

The Atherton tablelands are without a doubt my number one recommendation though. Picture the green rolling hills of Europe with the nostalgic charm of Australia’s early settlers. Head up towards Yungaburra and check out the Nostalgic museum and markets in Mareeba.

It’s a completely different world up there compared to Cairns, and it’s only an hour and a half away. You will drive past Kuranda on the way and honestly, just keep driving. Kuranda is basically just a weird, hippie smelling shopping mall for tourists.

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