Timezone Cairns – Is it worth it?

timezone cairns

Many of us will have fond teen memories of hanging out in Timezone game arcades, normally before a movie.  Personally, I grew up in North Brisbane and spent quite a lot of time at Chermside playing Daytona USA and Time Crisis.  

What is Timezone Arcade?

The new Timezone that has just opened up in Cairns is different… but still good fun for a short period of time. When I say a short period of time, I mean about an hour.  In an hour you will get through all of the games there and most probably get bored.

There is a heavy majority of games where you win tickets to exchange for random crap like lollies and toys.  Unfortunately, there is not a lot of the old arcade games that we as adults would expect to see. I’m actually shocked that Daytona USA is not there… It’s the best arcade game of all time.

How much is Timezone Cairns?

The pricing was actually much better than expected.  We went for a 60 min pass for $26 which got us an hour playing any game with red or yellow lights around the card reader.  The only other colour of lights is purple which is reserved for the ticket winning games.  

If you buy one of the money loaded cards, rather than the time limit cards, you should know that most of the games cost $2.20 per go.  This will add up really quickly and I can’t imagine how it would be better value than the time-limited cards unless your goal was to get tickets to exchange for crappy toys and lollies.  

You could spend a small fortune in here in a very small amount of time if you are not careful, so choose your card type wisely.

Who is it designed for?

There is no dancing around the fact that this place is designed for kids and you probably already knew that.  There is a kids party room that can be booked out and a small bumper car track that was unfortunately closed for maintenance.

If you are taking your kids to Timezone then you will most likely have to monitor their spending in order to stop them pumping all your money through the one machine.  The flashing lights and crazy sounds will no doubt send them into a financially belligerent frenzy.  

What games do they have?

The favourite games were;

  • Basketball Free Throw
  • Time Crisis 5
  • The Walking Dead

On top of this, they have the classic sideshow alley style games like;

  • Ring toss
  • Skeet Ball
  • Bag Toss
  • Skilltesters
  • The Hammer

The amount of games is more or less the same as the arcade in Cairns Central shopping centre, which is certainly a long way off the arcades of the late ’90s and ’00s.  

When is timezone cairns open?

Monday – Friday: 9 am – 10pm

Saturday & Sunday : 9 am – 11pm

Public Holidays

Christmas Eve: 9 am – 6 pm

Christmas Day: Closed

Boxing Day: 9 am – 10 pm

New Year’s Eve: 9 am – 10 pm

Australia Day (26 Jan): 9 am – 10 pm

Australia Day (27 Jan): 9 am – 10 pm

Where is timezone cairns located?

109-115 Abbott Street Cairns, QLD, 4870

Being in the centre of Cairns City presents the same problem we have had here for years….. Parking.   If you are willing to walk a few streets you could easily park in Rusty’s and take advantage of the 2 hours free.  Otherwise, drive around like everyone else until you miraculously manage to win the lotto or find a park.

Should you visit Timezone Cairns?

So if you are into video games, then don’t waste your money.  The games we have available at home via Xbox, Playstation and PC are so much better than anything you will find here.  Perhaps that is why most of the games are based on winning tickets. If you have kids or a competitive nature then you absolutely should head in for a visit.  We had a great time just zoning out and trying to outscore each other on the simple ball throwing games.


I like that there is now something other than a pub to visit in Cairns City centre at night and I like that the pricing was reasonable.  The location is quite questionable as the area they chose is constantly filled with drunk people and homeless. I can certainly see them needing security on the doors after about 5 pm (Which is North Queensland 9 pm on the drunk-o-meter).

Overall, you won’t regret heading in and playing some games, though I highly doubt anyone without kids will return for a second time.

High Scores To Beat

In the name of competitive sportsmanship, here are my best results on two of the games I absolutely crushed. Comment below if you beat me and I will virtually tip my hat to you.

Basket Ball – 210

Hammer – Level 27

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