What Is Cairns Like In June?

Cairns weather in June is surprisingly cold, well cold for us locals anyway.

Normal Cairns temperatures during June range from 26 degrees in the day to 17 degrees at night.

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For the locals, this means jeans and perhaps jumpers at night. For people from colder climates, it just means putting a shirt on to stay warm. The humidity also decreases over the winter season meaning we don’t get that hot, sticky humid weather that we are famous for.

What clothes should you pack for Cairns in June?

Daytime attire is your standard tropical beach gear while at night, you may want to think about jeans and a light jumper/jacket. The temperature, which hovers around 20 degrees at night can have an added wind chill factor, which can cool it down significantly.

In the winter of 2018, we saw temperatures frequently below 10 degrees as strong winds swept up from the south. On the other hand, if the wind blows from the west or north, then the temperature will rise rather quickly.

Cairns weather is a totally mixed bag that is very hard to predict long-range. Fortunately, you will be able to check out the weather forecast a couple of days before you arrive.

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Swimming in June, in Cairns

If you are used to cold water then you will be fine. Pools are as always your safest bet, though if you feel the need to venture out into the ocean, please make sure you swim within flags. While it is not technically stinger season, it’s always a good idea to swim where lifeguards are watching.

Cairns whale watching season, in June?

June is one of the best times of the year to see the humpback whales playing out on The Great Barrier Reef. June unofficially marks the real start to the whale watching season.

Take it from someone who has worked on the boats for 10 years, June is perfect if you are coming here to see the whales.

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