What Is Cairns Like In July?

Because Cairns is the northernmost city in Australia, people tend to think that it’s hot and humid all year round. This is not the case.

July in Cairns is normally quite cold. We see temperatures around 24 degrees during the day and 16 degrees at night.

honeyeater lookout trail airlie beach

If you are from Melbourne or Scandinavia, then you may have just chuckled at my definition of ‘cold’, and you would be right to. Here in Cairns, we are so used to temperatures being over 30 degrees that when the mercury dips below 20, we all freeze.

That being said, July is an excellent time to visit Cairns because of this cooler weather. Not dripping in sweat allows you to undertake more difficult hikes, more camping and just generally take your time to see the city more.

July and the other winter months are also the perfect time to head out west. Beyond the Atherton Tablelands lies some of Australia’s most remote places. Our favourite is Chillagoe.


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