Is It Nice To Live In Cairns?

This is hotly debated, you will either love it or hate it. We love it!

In our opinion, yes it is very nice to live in Cairns and here is why.

1. Cairns is warm.

All year round, Cairns is pretty warm which sure beats cold weather.

fitzroy island nudey beach

2. Cairns is on the ocean.

Not just the ocean, but The Great Barrier Reef!

Sea turtle diver passions

3. Cairns has a mountain range.

There are literally hundreds of hikes and waterfalls within a cheeky drive from Cairns.

glacier rock silhouette 1

4. Cairns is quiet.

The population in Cairns is less than 200k, so don’t expect to wait too long, for anything.

pier bar cairns

5. Cairns is cheap.

The small population and lots of housing mean that renting and buying property is much cheaper than any other city in Australia.

On top of being cheap, Cairns has lots of resort-style accommodation that can be rented long term or bought. Unlike renting an apartment in a big city, you could actually wake up to something like this…..

Peppers Beach Club Port Douglas1

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