Great Barrier Reef Food Web – Who eats who?

It’s life and death out on The Great Barrier Reef. Swim, hide or camouflage your way out of being dinner for something else. The food chain ironically stretches from plankton to humpback whales, the irony is that the largest animal on the reef only eats the smallest.

In the middle range is where you find the sharks hunting large fish and taking no prisoners on the way.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the food web is that everything is required. This means that if we lose just one of the species, the effects will be dramatic and devastating for the entire eco-system. This is why fishing is heavily controlled and policed on the reef, after all, it is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

Below is a chart I made illustrating the Great Barrier Reef Food Web. Of course, not everything is included, though I’ve tried to include as many as possible.

great barrier reef food web

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