Behana Gorge | Cairns – Complete Guide 2020

It’s a Behana-kinda day!

Behana Gorge 1

A day out to Behana Gorge is the perfect combination of a thundering tropical waterfall and a low-key rainforest hike to get the blood pumping.

Clamshell Falls flows heavily all-year-round and once you get to the end of the track, it is quite easy to climb down boulder hop your way to a crystal clear waterhole.

What to bring?

During this day you will require your swimmers, runners, drinks and a picnic. The 3.5km walk usually takes us about 45 minutes along the undulating bitumen/asphalt track. Some of the hills are quite steep and challenging so make sure you bring a lot of water in summer to stay hydrated.

behana gorge

Surrounding area & wildlife

As you walk through the beautiful eucalypt forest you will notice that you follow the creek which has an array of white water rapids and small waterfalls.

There are so many little pristine waterholes where you can stop along the way to take in the peaceful surrounds and wildlife. We always see beautiful dragonflies, Ulysses butterflies and even large goannas.

Behana Gorge 2

Perfect swimming spot

Once you get to the top falls, you will realise that this is the perfect place to go for a plunge into the refreshingly cool water. There are wonderful areas of beaming sunshine that is perfect for sun-baking individuals as well as cool shady spots for the shade-seekers. This makes Behana Gorge a perfect location for everyone.

Behana Gorge Hair Flick

For the adrenaline-seeking people (like my brother) out there, this is a great day out because there are great locations from the large granite boulders that you can take an exhilarating leap and plunge into the frosty water that will definitely get your heart pounding.

Behana Gorge 3

The hike back to the car park is downhill which makes the end of your day a very cruisy, chilled end to a great day.

How to get to Behana Gorge

Leaving Cairns drive South towards Innisfail approximately 30km. Turn right onto Behana Gorge Road and continue for 5km.

There is a car park and a large gate at the bottom of the hike. The hike follows a large waterpipe up to Clamshell Falls.

Safety precautions:

BEWARE there are safety notices at Behana Gorge about the slippery rocks and water rapids in certain areas so please keep your eyes peeled especially in the wet season (October to April). Rain upstream can make the water level rise quickly so vigilance is advised because the current can be strong and dangerous.

As per everywhere in FNQ, be sun-smart and remember the old slogan slip-slap-slop.

Fitness levels:

A good level of fitness definitely helps make a Behana-kinda-day really enjoyable, but that being said my mum (who is in her 60’s) thoroughly enjoyed her trip to Behana!

However, we did take a little longer to get the top falls and stopped at many of the little waterholes on the way. I have also taken my pal’s wee ones (children) who are only 5 years old and they did very well considering it is about a 6km round trip.

Behana Gorge Canyoning

Watch this space… Behana Canyon with Cairns Canyoning company is next our our ‘adventure couple to-do list”.

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