Are there fires in Cairns, Australia?

So by now, we have all seen this these images of the bushfires and it’s having a pretty serious effect on our tourism industry in North Queensland. If you thought this image detailing all the bushfires in Australia was true, you would be right to be scared and stay away right?

There are not fires in Cairns right now.

fires in cairns australia

This is absolute crap though. Some idiot with no knowledge of where the fires are has sat down on photoshop for what seems to be a grand total of 30 seconds, before sending this off to one of the worlds largest media organizations. Who then, stupidly sent it out to the world without fact-checking it.

Unfortunately, it is actually quite difficult to find an accurate fire map online due to the sheer number of inaccurate images released by international media.

CNN was not alone in this either. There were numerous media outlets posting similar stuff.

australian bushfire emergency

Where are the fires?

The above image is the closest representation I could find. Someone literally just took a paint marker to the CNN image and put some green where the actual fires are. All the red dots are fake.

The truth is that the bushfire disaster is happening about 4000km away from Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef in rural New South Wales and Victoria.

I’m writing this really quick blog post simply so I can send my international friends this link when they ask me if I’m okay. So if that’s you, then we are fine.

Luckily for us here in Cairns and Far North Queensland, we very rarely see fires. The reason for this is because, in our summer, it rains. We live in a tropical environment that has a wet and a dry season.

Torrential rain and fires are not friends, so if one was to start here then it would be naturally extinguished by mother nature.

Is Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef On Fire?

No, Cairns is not suffering from the bushfires and The Great Barrier Reef is in the bloody ocean!

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